Our Approach is...

Adaptive, because no one size fits all and we believe each organisation is unique.  Your values and culture are front and centre for us as we collaborate. Whatever we do together, it’ll be 100% contextualised to your needs, organisation and leadership.

Realistic because people are not machines, so whatever we do together has to be doable "by the people and for the people".  We ensure it meets your organisation’s needs, that change is sustainable at a local level, and it's truly transformative.

Practical and down to earth, but not simplistic.  Whilst we have loads of tools, tips, approaches and frameworks to share with you to make your leadership and organisation more effective, we also know that our sector ‘floats' in complexity – including your organisation.

Evidence-based.  What we do and what we train is informed by research and evaluation, and is underpinned by principles of community-led development. We take the best of what’s happening in the global third sector, and distill it for your benefit.

Collaborative because as a sector we do and learn together.  We’re a bit tribal, so when you work with us you’re not alone – you join a community of leaders and managers in the sector like yourself. It’s a rich and shared learning journey.

For us too, because we do what we teach. We reflect on our own experiences as a sector organisation, and share these insights with you. Our learning is not just theory, but a lived experience for our team.

Based on over a century of collective sector experience. We’ve been there and we’re still doing that (and we love it)!  For each of us, our skills, knowledge and confidence to lead have been well-honed through hands-on experience in a vast range of different types of organisations.  There is a strong chance that whatever you’re facing, we’ve seen something similar before.

We look forward to working with you.