Getting to Outcomes in the Real World

Outcomes are clearly important, and 'making a difference’ or having an impact is what we want to focus on as tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector organisations. However, Outcome Measures are riddled with systemic limitations and distortions.

This webinar will briefly outline, while Outcomes are the most significant thing we can focus on, they are also almost impossible to directly monitor or report on. And to the extent they can be measured: (1) we may lose sight of less measurable (but equally or even more important) aspects of what we do; (2) the cost of doing so frequently becomes prohibitive; and (3) we usually can’t get the information we need in a timely manner. We will look at how, in the real world, a 'Theory of Change’ can be a very useful tool to help us monitor and report (in a timely and affordable way) on progress towards the most important things, and ensure we stay on-track - at a programme or an organisational level.

Hosted by Community Research & presented by Garth Nowland-Foreman, LEAD Director.

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