What's with all the fractals?

Fractals are complex, never-ending patterns created by the computer generated repetition of mathematical equations.  They make visible the patterns that exist within chaos. Fractals are similar to images that represent natural systems, so we see them all around us in nature.

At LEAD, fractals signify for us the interesting connection between the simple and the complex.

A not for profit organisation is often (or at least feels like) a chaotic system.  A lot of what we do as consultants is look for the simple patterns within the complexity of organisational life and give our clients simple principles and tools to make sense of their experiences.

Change is both simple and complex. It pays to have people around you who can make the complex simple, and who can make what needs changing visible to all who need to embrace it. 

We'd love to journey with you and your organisation as you change, evolve, grow and make stunning patterns of impact!