Facilitation of Processes & Meetings

Your organisation is here, but you need to be there.  Your team is stuck, and you’re needing a way forward, but can’t see what that might be.  There’s a wealth of insights in your team, but you can’t seem to reach agreement on the ‘why, what, how, when and where’. This is exactly the occasion when getting assistance from a LEAD consultant can bring a step-change, step-up and step-forward. 

We’re all seasoned facilitators with decades of expertise and experience in meeting facilitation, consensus gaining, strategic planning processes, team development, group coaching and retreat hosting.  Some of us have specific areas of expertise and outstanding experience in helping to scope new organisational or team growth initiatives at the front end, and then supporting the forward movement with effective process management which helps to embed the changes.

Give us a call, as we’d love to walk alongside you as you grow and change.


Ruth has has an uncanny ability to discern the needs of people and groups she works with and help them navigate their way forward toward achieving their desired aims. Ruth has added great value to every occasion we have invited her to contribute.
— Dr Jay Matenga, Associate Director, WEA Mission Commission; Executive Officer, Missions Interlink NZ