Coaching & Mentoring

Do you feel like you're making it up as you go along?  Are you concerned that at some point, someone, somewhere will figure out you're not a 'real' leader? Trying to navigate a terrain of complexity and uncertainty? Dealing with a difficult Board?

You're not alone! Leadership is both a mindset and a skill set - learning to think like a leader and then act accordingly is what our coaching and mentoring helps leaders across the not for profit sector do.  

Coaching is a process, a series of thoughtful conversations, which give you the opportunity to examine what you do and how you do it.  It helps you think things through, make discoveries, explore options, and then plan for growth.  It is mostly forward-looking.  Because “you can’t see your reflection in running water”, it’s an opportunity to pause and care for yourself, and then take steps to develop and grow yourself and your leadership in ways that work best for you. 

All of the LEAD team are seasoned coaches. Some also have particular areas of expertise, so have a look at our bios and get in touch for what’s arguably the best form of bespoke PD!

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I turned to Ruth for professional coaching after moving into a new role where I had to manage a team. I was quite nervous about the role as this was my first time managing people. I thought a couple of professional coaching sessions would give me the confidence to lead my team well. What I didn’t count on was just how much the sessions with Ruth would help me not only to hone my professional skills, but also become the best version of my personal self. The outcome of which has made me a much more confident and self-assured person in every role I play in life, whether as a manager, mother, wife, friend, or colleague.
— Middle Manager, International Development Organisation, NZ
I was so pleased to have had that chat with Garth - it really helped my thinking and that afternoon I felt on fire !!!
— Cissy Rock, Facilitator, Community Think
“When I started coaching with Ruth I thought I would become aware of new strategies for my leadership. I didn’t expect to be already applying them. I feel like I can do this now!”
— Associate Principal, Stonefields School