Leaders & Managers

We often say that leading in the not for profit sector is the extreme sports of leadership! 

Achieving massive tasks on minimal resources takes an extra level of skill. Your people are indeed your greatest resource and a  big part of leadership is getting the best out of the people you lead. You also have to lead the culture, the strategy, hold the vision and mission central, fundraise, advocate, engage with multiple stakeholders, and answer to a voluntary Board who care greatly about the mission.

So that you can focus on what matters most, LEAD is available to support you as you develop and grow your leadership.  However we work together, it'll be transformative - giving you the ongoing skills, knowledge and confidence to lead and create change.

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I was so pleased to have had that chat with you - it really helped my thinking and that afternoon I felt on fire !!!
— Cissy Rock, Facilitator, Community Think

services for leaders & managers from lead include...

  • Mentoring and coaching with a skilled coach and not for profit management expert
  • Leadership team coaching and development
  • Leadership development programmes
  • NFP leadership networking events
  • NFP leadership mentoring groups
  • Master classes and workshops to stay current and on top of your game
  • Conflict resolution and mediation


training workshops for leaders & managers

Do you feel like you're making it up as you go along?  Are you concerned that at some point, someone, somewhere will figure out you're not a 'real' leader? Trying to navigate a terrain of complexity and uncertainty? Dealing with a difficult Board?

You're not alone! We believe that leadership is both a mindset and a skill set. Learning to think like a leader and then act accordingly is what our training programmes help leaders across the not for profit sector do.  Our workshops cover topics such as:

  • Self-leadership & developing your personalised leadership philosophy
  • Creating a personalised development plan
  • Leading each other
  • Leading in an organisation and getting the most out of your team, including having coaching conversations
  • Leading in a community
  • Leading your team to work collaboratively
  • Developing strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Effective marketing
  • Leading organisational change
  • Leading culture
  • Influencing stakeholders. 

Check out our 2018 Training Calendar for our specialised leadership courses:
Managing & Leading Community Organisations, Collaboration in Action, Building a Fundraising Strategy, and Strategy that Makes a Difference.