Your organisation is unique because it's powered by unique people.  And you're driven - driven by passion, values and your mission.  Driven to change the world; to make it better.

But all the uniqueness, passion and values float in a sea of complexity - it often feels creating change is harder to do than it should be.  Achieving our passion for a better and more just world is challenging work.

With the LEAD team alongside, you can be confident that our work together will be 100% contextualised to your organisation. Whatever we do together will be realistic and doable "by the people and for the people".  We ensure that our services meet your organisation’s needs, and that change is sustainable at a local level.

Auckland Regional Migrant Services has been working in the collaboration space since it’s formation 15 years ago. It’s empowering to see the core values and processes, which we have been following, being shared as a learning a tool by the LEAD Team! It goes to show that the LEAD Team understands collaboration from our perspective. I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to collaborate, form partnerships or create networks, as it highlights the key aspects of individual organisational needs, as well as the overall partnership goals, risks and outcomes.
— Shoma Prasad, Programme and Communications Manager, Auckland Regional Migrant Services.

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“Ruth has has an uncanny ability to discern the needs of people and groups she works with and help them navigate their way forward toward achieving their desired aims. Ruth has added great value to every occasion we have invited her to contribute.”
— Dr Jay Matenga, Associate Director, WEA Mission Commission; Executive Officer, Missions Interlink NZ