Boards & Governance Groups

Being a Trustee or member of a not for profit Board is one of the most challenging roles in the sector.  You're there because you care. It might be the 'view from the top' but it carries most of the legal responsibility and it's more often than not voluntary.  

Whether you're looking to get a clearer understanding of your various roles, sharpen your skills as Chair, recruit new members, or work more effectively with the Director of your organisation, we're here to help you develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead and create change. 

We left the Governance course with a sound idea of the principles of good governance and how it can make a difference to an organisation’s effectiveness…. We have been able to plan and implement our own infrastructure using the different elements, and are more focused on the vision and strategic purpose of our organisation.
— Serena Lewis (Deputy Chair) & Danielle Sanders (Committee member), TRCC

services for boards include...

  • Your Governance Guru - our unique email-in with the hard questions service.

  • Coaching & mentoring of Chairs & board members

  • Facilitation of key board meetings

  • Recruiting new members

  • Succession planning

  • Getting the most out of your regular meetings

  • Effective chairing

  • Understanding roles and developing Board job descriptions

  • Developing organisational policies

  • Managing risk

  • Strategic Planning: Determine or review your mission, vision and values; Interrogate your reality; Analyse the future environment; Determine strategy and key goals for the short, medium or long term; and Develop action plans to move towards goals and outcomes.

  • Governance training

Contact Garth Nowland-Foreman to discuss your governance training & consulting needs.

training for boards & chairs

Need to develop skills and confidence on a governance level?  Got new members on the Board and want to get them on the same page?

We provide customised training workshops on governance, the role of the Board,  legal responsibilities, the governance management divide, understanding finances, finding better board members and making the most of meetings.